Socially Engaged Design, Risograph Print, Lino-Cut Print, Woodwork
In January 2023, I collaborated with The Community Brain, a local community interest company that works with communities to develop their sense of identity, cohesion and strength through activity. For this year’s dumpling-themed Seething Festival I came up with stamp cards. This ‘Dumpling Passport’ is designed to inspire festival visitors to explore all food and activity stalls. They can collect dumpling stamps and fill the passport’s empty plates, creating a delightful culinary journey.

Two colleagues and I also introduced the Giant Dumpling Cookbook to the Seething Festival to celebrate cultural diversity and encourage storytelling, creativity and sharing. The cookbook invites members of the community to contribute their recipes, stories, memories and drawings of

Winner of a Creative Conscience Award 2023.

We also created a series of posters and instagram posts to spread the word about the festival to the community.

London, UK and Linz, Austria
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