Print Publication, Concept, Art Direction 
Titled ‘Odyssee’, this publication points out the chaotic but instructive journey throughout the year 2020/2021, including several lockdowns, remote working and teaching and most importantly: selected works of students of 2021’s MKD (Master School for Communication Design Linz, Austria). As part of a three-person core-team, I worked on conception, layout, production, photography and data-management.

The concept is based on the annual topic ‘forest’, merged with omnipresent themes and experiences of the covid-pandemic. The six chapters (setting out, orientation, aiming high, pause, moving on, arrival) present the students’ journey and categorise their projects based on topic and execution. Visually the design plays with themes we all experienced during the pandemic: distance, spending time in isolation and nature, digital media and glitches etc.

London, UK and Linz, Austria
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