Display Case Design
This is a proposal for a display case design for the garden city ‘Puchenau’, located in Upper Austria. As part of the students of the MKD (Master School of Communication Design Linz) I was invited to participate in this live project, and together with my colleague Jessica Kandler I came up with this design.

The display case serves to educate both residents and visitors such as architecture students about Puchenau. The Posters cover various topics such as the overall concept and development of the garden city in Puchenau, current issues, architectural details, and highlights the renowned architect Roland Rainer.

The main part of the garden city was built in the 1960s, so we decided to incorporate the 60s style into the design – that is shape and colour. To facilitate differentiation between different topics, we assigned a unique color to each one.

We aimed to reflect the surrounding landscape of the garden city in the display case design. To achieve this, we incorporated trees and bushes that harmonize with the geometric shapes of the garden city's architecture and the poster design. Playing with the three-dimensional nature of the showcase, we planned to include simplified elements both in front of and behind the posters.
London, UK and Linz, Austria
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