Master Project, Research, Letterpress, Bookbinding
The book titled ‘Crossing Hedges’ offers various observations on suburbia of South-West London, using the hedge as a starting point. The project began as a journey into the unknown and quickly turned into an odyssey through the suburban landscape of Kingston and Surbiton. Walking, psychogeography and interviews with the local community served as primary research methods, revealing unexpected stories.

With experimental type design in mind, the outcome is heavily influenced by the notion of viewing hedges as a set of characters that are all different to one another – a set of ‘natural’ and ‘pruned’ hedges.
This project interrogates what the suburbs have become over time and invites readers to critically reflect on their immediate surroundings.

This project was exhibited at the Candid Arts Trust, in Islington London, September 2023.

London, UK and Linz, Austria
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